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From 16Th May
to 18Th June, 2019

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Beyond Boundaries II: At The Cross Roads - An Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture

Abundant Art Gallery (, an emerging platform for the development of contemporary Indian art globally, will organise the second edition of its Beyond Boundaries exhibition at Moor House building in the city of London in collaboration with ArtMoorHouse. Viewing will be by appointment only

The exhibition will feature the latest from the Indian contemporary art scene, with specially curated works of a group of eleven artists comprising mainly painters and sculptors from Bengal. The artists whose work will be showcased at this year’s exhibition present a good mix of more established as well as emerging artists. Nine of our featured artists belong to CONTRIVANCE-an Artist Guild based in India (established 1979). Besides these nine artists our exhibition will also feature two independent artists-M Pavan Kumar and Shad Fatima.

Most of the art works of the exhibition have been commissioned or selected because of their alignment with this year’s theme of At the Crossroads. They are powerful embodiments of the artists’ expression of their inner turmoil and sense of alienation from their urban surroundings. As a result, we see a delightful variety of interpretations of Indian art history and styles.

Our Artists Include:

Animesh Biswas (born 1971) | Nripen Nath (born 1950) | Dipankar Mukherjee (born 1952) | Bikas Mukherjee (born 1951) | Sushanta Roy (born 1983) | Shad Fatima (born 1981) | Pavan Kumar Machavarapu (born 1981) | Pradip Sur (born 1951) | Subrata Paul (born 1972) | Somnath Chakraborty (born 1959) | Ajoy Das (born 1952)



120 London
Wall EC2Y 5ET

About Abundant Art Gallery

Abundant Art Gallery ( was setup in 2017 to develop and promote Indian contemporary art globally. It supports emerging young as well as senior artists from India, who, despite their enormous talent & skill, have not received the deserved recognition globally. Abundant Art Gallery also works on restoration and preservation of art works which are part of our unique heritage to create positive and lasting change.

The gallery’s aim is to identify, develop and nurture talented artists and support them with required resources in a unique model. After a rigorous selection process of the artists, art works are commissioned through art camps. These art works are marketed through exhibitions and online webstores.

About ArtMoorHouse

ArtMoorHouse is a unique platform for creating an unsurpassed synergy between creativity and business. Unlike any other gallery, ArtMoorHouse creates bespoke high- profile exhibitions, relying on a strong network of dedicated professionals to connect artists and designers with people from the world of finance.