About Abundant Art Gallery: We are an online art gallery based in London curating Indian contemporary painting, sculpture, print making and photography. Our portfolio has a cross section of styles including the Bengal school, Kalighat scroll painting, photorealism as well as more modern abstract work in a range of mediums like oil on canvas, acrylic and ink on paper, print media, bronze and mix media sculptures.

Our artists mostly belong to an artist’s guild based in India called CONTRIVANCE, established in 1979. Through our venture we aim to provide our artists a global platform. We organise art camps in India where our talented artists create their unique pieces of artworks. These can be viewed on www.abundantartgallery.comand are available for purchase.

Our artists represent not only the unbroken heritage of Indian art dating back to Mughal miniatures but also show how India is responding to more global ideas in the post-modern sense. We see a more confident contemporary art in India today which is distinctively Indian yet at the same time embraces elements of global art trends.

Protima Chatterjee
CEO / Founder

Arts Journalist, Dancer, Choreographer Protima Chatterjee founded Abundantart in 2012 as a cross arts platform that blends the best of art and entertainment in London. She is trained in the Uday Shankar school of contemporary dance and has been a company member of the internationally renowned Tanusree Shankar Dance Company. She continues her work as a performer, choreographer and dance teacher. She has a degree in English literature and is post graduate in mass communications and journalism